What faculty and school administrators have said
about us:

“As an academic skills specialist, M frequently deciphered the various problems from teachers’ descriptions (of students) and carefully suggested action plans…We had a new student in the Middle School who was extremely disorganized and unprepared for class. Faculty were frustrated as they tried to communicate to the parents what specific steps the family needed to take to assist him with his time management and study habits. M served as a bridge between the family and faculty. She spent her afternoons meeting with the student and building rapport with him. Initially, he was very resistant to any help, but after a few weeks, he was showing improvement and taking more responsibility for his studies…M has been an invaluable team player going above and beyond the call of duty.”

“M loves what she does. She is involved with the children throughout the whole school, interacts professionally with all the faculty and administration, and communicates carefully and thoroughly with parents… She takes her work seriously and follows through tirelessly with all that she says she will do….She always keeps in mind the best interests of the child and I count on her for solid, sensible assessment and consultation.”

“M, you’ve worked such wonders making so many students develop an understanding of their learning styles, believe in themselves and in the school.”

“M, you work with such remarkable skill and passion. I am encouraged by your engagement with students daily. I doubt that you realize how deeply you connect with kids and how strongly they are helped you your understanding of learning…Your generosity and warmth as colleague sustain me and others. My point is that it is a privilege to work with you. I truly believe we will make great progress in improving our work with students these next few years as we follow your lead.”